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2020 Arts Visalia Annual Holiday Show & Sale Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to provide a venue for the exhibit and sale of handcrafted, artistic, and functional works of art during the holiday months. We are looking for gift items such as jewelry, handwoven or hand dyed fiber items, ceramics, distinctive stationery, hand-illustrated books, sculptures, hand-painted decorative or functional pieces, glass art objects, paintings, lithographs, photographs, and more. We encourage holiday themed items. Our Annual Holiday Show & Sale is open during gallery hours with additional hours and days planned through the exhibition.

The Exhibition and Gift Shop Committee has decided to have a more selective process this year.
Prior participation in the holiday show does not ensure an invitation to the upcoming show.

When reviewing work, the Committee jurors will be using the following criteria:

  • Technical Skill: craftsmanship, mastery of medium, attention to detail, and finish.
  • Originality/Creativity: distinctive style and/or creative process, uniqueness, and aesthetics.
  • Other Considerations: Work that is new to Arts Visalia and not shown in Visalia for at least three months; connection to the local area; creating a wide array of gift items for the Annual Holiday Show & Sale.

Artists will be contacted if work has been accepted. Arts Visalia retains the final decision regarding acceptance of artwork. The Gallery Curator will determine the display and installation of the artwork. Arts Visalia strives to balance quality, artistry, uniqueness, and price in our selection of handmade works of art created primarily by local and regional artists.

Consignment Sales-Arts Visalia will receive payment for sales, including State of California sales tax, and retain 25% of the sales price as a sales commission. Artists will be compensated 75% of the sales price.
Payment-Payments to artists will be made in January. A list of items sold will be attached to the paycheck so that artists can easily update their inventory.


  • Images representative of work to be included in the Holiday Show & Sale
  • Pricing of items you plan to include.
  • Bio/artist statement (optional),
  • Emailed (preferred) to by September 12th, 2020 Deadline.
  • Physical applications can be dropped off at the gallery by September 12th, 2020
     Include images on a thumb drive or CD/DVD for consideration by the Exhibition and Gift Shop Committee. Any materials submitted, including thumb drives, will not be returned to the artist.
     Packages may be dropped off at the gallery, but will not be reviewed or discussed with the artist at that time.
     Should we be interested or have any questions, we will contact the artist.

INVENTORY GUIDELINES (Needed after acceptance into the Holiday Show):
Artist’s Inventory-Artists must complete the gallery inventory sheet listing each item accepted by Gallery Staff.
Item Labels-Each item must be labeled to coincide with the inventory sheet, including name, item number, and price. Items will not be accepted without complete labels.
Condition of Artwork-All artwork must be in new, clean, dust-free condition with secure hanging wires, bases, or fittings.
Storage-December 23rd is the final day of the Holiday Show. Artists will be expected to pick up all of their work by end of day on December 28th or to make other arrangements. Any work not picked up will be included in Arts Visalia’s next raffle.
Theft or Breakage-Arts Visalia will make every effort to keep artwork safe while in our care. Arts Visalia does not insure consigned gallery items and is not liable for loss or damage due to any
cause. If artwork needs insurance, the artist must have a rider attached to their own policy to include Arts Visalia for the period of time the work is displayed at the gallery.

Arts Visalia does not accept late applications and will reject any application that does not follow the required guidelines listed above.

Questions? Please call Arts Visalia at 559-739-0905 or email Michelle Goans at

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