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School Field Trips

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School Field Trips

We welcome school and youth organization groups free of charge.

Field trips to Arts Visalia are an excellent way to introduce young people to the world of visual art exhibitions. Visitors will learn about the artists and artwork currently exhibiting as well as gallery etiquette. Please note that exhibits may contain controversial themes, nudity, or other material that may not be suitable for all ages. Please contact the gallery before your field trip if you have any questions or concerns about the exhibit at the time of your trip.

A gallery visit consists of a 15–30-minute guided tour. Visitors will be informed on the history of Arts Visalia and its mission. Information about the current exhibiting artist(s) and their work will also be provided. Gallery etiquette will be explained and demonstrated to tour participants.

Visits to Arts Visalia are free of charge. Arts Visalia is home to three gallery spaces and a gift shop populated with hand crafted works by local artisans. We are in a small historical brick building located in downtown Visalia. Field Trips are ideal for small classes and groups of 20 or less individuals. Please let us know if you have any specific requests that you would like us to focus on for your group. Special accommodations may be subject to materials and staffing fees.

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