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Art on Fire Walking Tour

Arts Visalia

Art on Fire

Lighting a spark of creativity from local artists, Arts Visalia’s “Art on Fire” project brings art to Downtown Visalia.  The 25 painted hydrants located along Main Street showcase local artistic talent while also raising Funds for Arts Visalia, our community’s premiere visual art center. Replacing the traditional yellow, the selected hydrants became the canvases for creative designs with unique themes.

The painted designs will remain on the hydrants until 2026 when a new call for designs will be issued and local artists will once again compete for a chance to showcase their artwork as a part of the Art on Fire Project in Downtown Visalia.

As you visit each hydrant, you will notice a plaque acknowledging the artist, the title of the artwork, and the sponsor of that hydrant. Arts Visalia would like to thank many local businesses and community members whose donations made this project possible. We would also like to extend a special Thank You to the Visalia Fire Department and CAL Water for its help and support for Art on Fire. We thank The Arts Consortium and City of Visalia for the grant program opportunity. It really does make a difference.

Art on Fire Hydrants

Artist: Regina M. Raya and Megan M
Title: “Bee and Flower”
Location: South Side @ Main St. and Hall St.
Sponsor: Visit Visalia

Megan M
“Fancy Franny”
S/E Main St. @ Martin St.
Sponsor: Anonymous Donor

James Bonafé and Mary Randol
N/W Main St. @ Giddings St.
Sponsor: Visit Visalia

Justin Landers
S/W Main St. @ Turner St.
Sponsor: Arts Visalia Board of Directors

Greystone and Rubi Javier
“It’s a Jungle Sometimes”
S/W Main St. @ Jacob St.
Sponsor: City of Visalia City Council

Rubi Javier
“Dr. Tule”
S/W Main St. @ Conyer St.
Sponsor: Altura Centers for Health

James Bonafé
“In Honor of those we have Loved and Lost-Dia de los Muertos”
S/W Main St. @ Stevenson St.
Sponsor: Arts Visalia Board of Directors

Amanda Carnes and Andrea Kamper
“Fire House 56 Dog”
S/W Main St. @ Johnson St.
Sponsor: Citizens Business Bank

Annie Rubio and Diana Velazquez
“Forest Life”
S/W Main St. @ Willis St.
Sponsor: Tulare County Association of Realtors

Brant Rotromel, Amy Shaw, and Mary Randol
“Quail Covey”
S/W Main St. @ West St.
Sponsor: Anonymous Donor

Megan M
“Fun Guy Freddy”
S/W Main St. @ Floral St.
Sponsor: Cal Water

Diana Velazquez
“Teacher Appreciation”
South Side of Main St between Floral St. and Encina St.
Sponsor: Elaine Rider State Farm

Samson Schnadarle
“Loud and Proud Pride”
N/E Main St @ Encina St.
Sponsor: The Source LGBT+ Center

Andrea Kamper
“Van Gogh’s Starry Night”
S/W Main St. @ Locust St.
Sponsor: Dr. Bodensteiner D.D.S.

Mary Randol
“Thank You Super Heroes”
North Side of Main St. Between Locust St. and Court St.
Sponsor: United Way of Tulare County

Nicole Delima
“Sleepy Lion”
S/W Main St. @ Court St.
Sponsor: Visalia Breakfast Lions

Nicole Delima
“Rooty, The A&W Great Root Bear”
North Side of Main St between
Court St. and Church St.
Sponsor: A&W Restaurants

Mary Randol
“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”
Main at Southwest Corner in Garden St. Plaza
Sponsor: Tulare County Child Abuse
Prevention Council

James Bonafé
“Guardians of Visalia-
Mama Dragon & Baby Dragon”
S/W Main St. @ Church St.
Sponsor: Downtown Visalian’s

Janelle Howard
“Lake Kaweah”
South Side of Main St. between
Church St. and Garden St.
Sponsor: Kaweah Marina

Annie Rubio and Megan M
“Head in the Clouds”
South Side of Main St. @ Garden St.
Sponsor: Cal Water

Bethany Wells and Megan M
“Renewable Natural Gas”
South Side of Main St. between
Garden St. and Bridge St.
Sponsor: So Cal Gas

Rubi Javier
“Modern Cat”
S/W Side Main St. @ Bridge St.
Sponsor: Arts Visalia Board of Directors

Andrea Kamper
“Modern California Flora”
N/E Main St. on Bridge St.
Sponsor: Wells Fargo Advisors

Blue Sitton
“The Rainbows”
N/W Main St. @ Santa Fe St.
Sponsor: SEUI 521- The Visalia Woman’s Coalition


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