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Gift Shop

Gift Shop

“The Arts Visalia gift shop offers a delightful selection of one-of-a-kind, handmade artworks by local artists. Open year-round, we have gifts perfect for every style, occasion, and purpose. Our gallery staff is more than happy to assist, point you in the right direction based on your needs, and give more information about the artists for that personal touch. Shopping in our gift shop is a great way to support local art!”

Arts Visalia is very fortunate to have a gift shop full of such wonderful local artists and their magnificent creations. As such, in order to highlight the beauty of the items our gift shop has to offer, we wanted to start a monthly featured artist segment. All pieces featured are currently for sale in our gift shop.

Currently in the gift shop we feature local artists:

  • Dianne Beauregard
  • Toni Best
  • Carrie Bragg
  • Anne & HJ Brown
  • Debb Campbell
  • Lupita Chonquit
  • Joy Collier
  • Elsah Cort
  • Mark Dillon
  • Russ Dahler
  • David Daniels
  • Jasmine Gregory
  • Laurie Gorman
  • Doug Hansen
  • Brett Harvey
  • Zarah Leong
  • Larry McCartney
  • Elizabeth McDannold
  • Sam McKinney
  • Joe Morel
  • Othoniel Neri
  • Deborah Nolan
  • Diana Pearcy
  • David Smith
  • Christy Stapleton
  • James Stark
  • Heidi Steinman
  • Tom Stokes
  • Andrew Turner
  • Sheila Uriarte
  • Alyssa White
  • Ginny Wilson
  • Kay Woods
  • Russell Wright
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